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Demand for CBSE Schools in India

Education is experiencing winds of change, as indicated by this trend. Over the last three months, CBSE has received over 500 applications to open English-medium schools. The demand for CBSE schools is largely due to the increasing awareness among parents that CBSE provides a higher standard of education and better quality textbooks by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) compared to the state board. 

Parents are becoming aware that the Central Board syllabus gives their children an edge in competitive national-level entrance exams that are now mandatory for professional admissions.

Previously, parents with transferrable jobs or those from other states opted for CBSE. It is now local parents who are driving the demand. In contrast, state board syllabuses and textbooks are deemed inadequate to prepare children for tough entrance exams. CBSE schools follow NCERT syllabuses that are of high quality and prepare children for tough entrance exams. New school setups are now hiring school consultants to help them create quality education models for the next generation.

What's better, CBSE or ICSE?

  • CBCE is a progressive board
  • A CBSE Affiliated School Is An Experimental Board For The Ministry Of Human Resource Development. In CBSE-affiliated schools, all new policies, schemes, and educational innovations are tested as pilot projects
  • Due to the synchronization of CBSE syllabuses with competitive exams, most students switch from ICSE to CBSE at +1 level (Xi class)
  • In India, there are 17000+ CBSE schools, while ICSE is declining at a rate of 2-3% every year as more schools switch over.
  • As CBSE is always trying new things, setting up a school with CBSE will give a boost to setting up a high-tech school in the future, which will be a point of attraction for parents and enjoy a better reputation.

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