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How to Get CBSE Affiliation For a School – The Ultimate Roadmap

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With respect to the present trends in Indian education, to which board should a new school project be affiliated?

1. CBSE’s synchronization of its syllabus with competitive examinations explains why most students switch from other boards to CBSE. CBSE students’ advantage over all other boards is the synchronization of the syllabus. All entrance examinations at the school level prescribe the CBSE syllabus as their syllabus. The same syllabus is used both in school and during coaching for entrance preparation. 

2. CBSE schools are increasingly in demand due to the widespread awareness among parents that CBSE provides a higher standard of education and better textbooks developed by NCERT than state boards.

3. As CBSE is a progressive board, we strongly recommend CBSE schools over other boards. Out of 41 boards in the country, this is an experimental board for the MHRD. CBSE Affiliated Schools are the first to test all new policies, schemes, and educational innovations.

4. The Ministry of Human Resource Development intends to synchronize or merge all boards with the CBSE board eventually. Other popular boards include CISCE (Council for Indian School Certificate Examination) and International Curriculum Schools (IGCSE and IB).


How should CBSE affiliation application materials be submitted?

How should CBSE application materials be submitted? Basically, there are 3 types of CBSE applications

  1. For approval: Middle School Syllabus (Grades 6-8)

  2. Affiliation with Secondary School (Grades 9-10)

  3. Senior Secondary School (Grades 11-12 )

Stage -1: Review of the document to ensure complete compliance with all standards and requirements
Stage -2: Applying online to CBSE (from preparing documents to applying online)
Stage -3: Getting ready for an inspection by CBSE
Stage -4: Conducting the CBSE inspection
Stage -5: Regularly communicating with CBSE regarding the status of your application

When do schools apply for CBSE approval of middle school syllabuses?

The middle school syllabus can be submitted prior to the year in which the grade 6th class is proposed.


When will the School apply for CBSE approval of affiliation with Secondary Schools?
We may apply for Secondary School affiliation in the year prior to the proposed entry into grade 9.


The CBSE will require the schools to apply for approval at what stage in their senior secondary education?

In the year preceding the year for which grade 11th will be offered, we may apply for affiliation with a Senior Secondary School

How long does it take to become CBSE affiliated?
According to CBSE’s recent practice, the first response is usually sent within 60-90 days after 31st March in the form of an inspection or deficiency committee. The inspection of the school premises by a CBSE inspection committee takes 30-45 days from the date of intimation of the letter. For affiliations to be granted, it takes 45-60 days from the date of inspection. Based on typical processing and assuming all CBSE requirements are met, the timelines above are indicative. The affiliation process can take up to one year for cases that have a major to minor deficiency.

Is it possible for a school to be affiliated with both CBSE and the state board on a single campus?
You will not be able to run two board schools on the same campus after taking a NOC from the state government and applying to CBSE/CISCE.

A CBSE inspection team consists of how many members?
Generally, the CBSE inspection team consists of two members.

Will I get affiliation if I received a deficiency after IC?

A deficiency that has been found to be unnecessary post-inspection by IC can be appealed. The CBSE will generally allow time for the IC team to respond to deficiency reports.

Where can I find CBSE inspection information?
A list of documents is attached to the IC constitution letter along with the date of inspection, which is mutually agreed upon by the school & IC members. 

How much land does a CBSE school need in rural areas?
6000 square meters

How much land is required for a primary school?
There is no minimum requirement given by CBSE

Regarding the size of the school classrooms.
48 sqm (6 x 8) = 500 sqf

Is there a standard size for CBSE schools’ physics, biology, and chemistry labs?
54 sqm (9 x 6) = 600 sqft


  1. In consultation with the principal, we will complete the CBSE application.

  2. Your CBSE account will be opened on your behalf. website

  3. For affiliation, we will send you a list of documents that need to be provided by you

  4. The first visit by the team member will include training on the total CBSE requirements for management and staff. After that, the documentation portion will be covered.

  5. The application will be completed at least 15 days prior to the last date (it may close early depending on the document status).

  6. Detailed information about the facilities required will be provided before the inspection.

  7. CBSE application status will be followed up continuously.

  8. A second visit occurs about one month before the inspection takes place in order to ensure that all procedures, documentation, and infrastructure requirements have been met. 

  9. Day-of-inspection planning

  10. based on coordination with the inspection committee.

  11. We will be present during the third visit.

  12. Once the inspection is complete, the follow-up to ensure affiliation has been granted.

  13. We will guide you on how to deal with CBSE deficiencies or objections.



Recent changes have been made to CBSE Norms, and CBSE is very specific about the way schools follow their rules. Following the CBSE Norms will enable a smooth inspection and a successful grant of affiliation.

An overview of CBSE affiliation standards and land requirements for CBSE schools

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