starting your own school vs franchise school

Starting Your Own School vs Buying a School Franchsie

India has 1.4 million schools and is carving a niche in the global education industry. The education system in India still has a lot of potential.

There’s a big debate and difference b/w starting your own school vs franchise school. Sometimes this dilemma leads to confusion, and a good school doesn’t get built.

This post is to help you understand the concept behind both aspects, so you can see what a complete package of both looks like.

Setting up your own school

The feeling of starting a dream project is magical; you know how many potential schools have, and in addition to the monetary benefits, you give them a strong platform.

The idea of opening an independent school is like starting a brand new business. A plethora of opportunities for various talents and skills to start coming on board. Being a recession-free industry, it’s a great idea.

There’s a long and challenging process that discourages edupreneurs from investing in a school, but other lucrative aspects encourage them to keep trying, and it’s led a lot of investors to invest.

While starting a school has many benefits, don’t forget that it also comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Check out the pros and cons of starting a school.


  • Since it’s a one-time investment, it’s rewarding and profitable.
  • There’s a promise of long-term profits.
  • Serving the community gives you a sense of satisfaction.
  • In comparison to any other business venture, it involves the least amount of paperwork.


  • You have to handle finances, marketing, recruiting, training, drafting the curriculum, etc. yourself to avoid additional expenses at the start.
  • Each year’s number of admissions varies depending on your popularity and credibility.
  • The competition in this field is huge, and it’s not just from existing companies, but also from upcoming ones.
  • Getting permission from various institutions is time-consuming and tedious.

Buying A School Franchise

Franchises are a rewarding personal journey, but they also come with their own obstacles.

So, weigh and analyze both the pros and cons of getting a school franchise.


  • An established brand name reduces the cost of setting up and promoting your business.
  • Because you’re carrying forward an existing brand identity, it’s less risky.
  • The curriculum is ready to go and the syllabus is designed for you.
  • To make sure the school keeps developing, you get initial training, ongoing support, and continued input.


  • You need to follow the rules set by the governing educational institution.
  • Every year, you have to pay a license fee, training costs, advertising costs, franchise costs and royalties.
  • Branding can be lost if any branch gets public attention for the wrong reasons.

In the education sector, growth is booming, and both options come with their own advantages and risks. Choosing the right venture concept is crucial.

You’ll always pick the wrong option for your school venture unless you have guidance from an expert school consultant in India. This will ensure the chosen option is comprehensive.

Therefore, it’s not advice, but highly recommended that you hire a school consultant in India. But is it really that easy to get these services from a consultancy?

It’s hard to find a true and dedicated school consultant in India.

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