Starting a new school

The importance of planning while starting a new school

The right to education is the most important fundamental right of every citizen of our country. But, with an alarming surge in the human population, there is a never-ending demand for the establishment of schools to meet the education requirements for building a society that is cultured, constructive, and most importantly educated.

This very situation has created unparalleled opportunities for many business minds who are passionate and keen on taking up the responsibilities of owning a school. For a school to open and run smoothly without any hiccups, efficient planning is the main ingredient. No business is completely risk-free, including owning a school. Establishing a plan for all stages, from conception to proper administration, boosts their confidence, enabling them to achieve their goals.

A well-laid plan benefits the school in more ways than one can imagine.

Statutory Approvals

To begin with, Statutory approvals are the first and foremost thing to plan when it comes to establishing a school as they are time-consuming in nature, and delay the process of setting the school up. Leaders need to ensure no-objection certificates, regulations, recognition, and fire safety certificates are processed well in advance. The process of acquiring ownership is sped up this way.

Affiliation Assistance

Review of the document to ensure complete compliance with all standards and requirements, Applying online to CBSE (from preparing documents to applying online), Getting ready for an inspection by CBSE, Conducting the CBSE inspection, Regularly communicating with CBSE regarding the status of your application. Each step in the process of affiliating a school requires its own amount of time. Prior planning benefits the school majorly.

School Planning & Architecture

Since infrastructure plays a vital role in any school, the same has to be planned in great detail, including but not limited to spacious classrooms, a well-set library, playgrounds, and laboratories, with a suitable design and structure adhering to all the rules of the affiliated board.

Curriculum Design

A plan for the curriculum has to be developed based on the decision of the board (for example, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, State Board). This will provide a clear picture from which to move forward. In deciding which board to affiliate with, consider both the existing market demand and the costs involved.

Academic / Beyond Academic Programs

To foster a well-rounded education, focussing on academics and extracurricular activities equally, is important. In addition to the academic syllabus, schools need to focus on providing their students with opportunities to take part in R&D, sports, arts, hobby clubs, and many more. This will greatly help the students with the all-round development of their personality.

Recruitment (Staffing)

Workforce recruitment plays a major role in laying the foundation strong for the school’s vision and mission. From searching for the right skilled workforce, to shortlisting, to training them in-service, needs a lot of planning and proper execution.

Staff Training

With changing times, the methods of learning at school have changed drastically. To bridge the knowledge gap, teachers need to be updated constantly to impart their best knowledge to the students. This requires a lot of research in the education sector, including observing teaching methodologies and trends. All of this can only be achieved with proper planning.

School Branding and Marketing Support

Well-strategized branding promotes the school to a great extent. Branding helps you create a personality that aligns with the core principles, vision, and mission of the school, helping those unaccustomed to your school to build trust in it. In order to promote a new school, a detailed plan for marketing, branding, and publicity is essential, including a website, newspaper ads, special events, radio, brochures, hoardings, and social media.

Admission Support

It is recommended to plan for the intended capacity of the school, and for the growth of admissions from the first year to the peak-capacity year. Projections based on market demand also needs to be taken into account while planning. Enrolments are the key factor for any school. Raghav Support Solutions has launched the first online school admissions system, SPOT SCHOOL. It enables parents to search for the best available schools, their features, facilities, and admission procedures in their preferred areas.

Raghav Foundation aims to create and support schools that impart meaningful quality, holistic, and value-based education.

The expert school support solutions are implemented with the aid of a dedicated network of associate partners from various domains. As a result, the clients are able to save a lot of time, money, and effort.

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