Why is this the right time for a Business Partnership?

We provide Business Partnerships in these following:

  • Off late, there has been a rapid inclining trend in various sectors and simultaneously a rapid flow in the opportunities opening up for the new generations. It’s expected for the coming years to witness a sea change in employable structure and patterns, therefore there is a great need to equip the younger generations with various skills to meet the requirements.
  • The education sector has also become quite challenging and has opened up its sphere with innovations involving creativity. However, this challenge is to be met with the utmost dedication, excellence and expertise. Thus, there is a need to empower the teaching fraternity and mentor in this process. The requirement of experienced personnel is quite essential.
  • There are a good number of existing educational institutions and many new schools are adding up every year. Over 90% of the market share and its affairs are governed and controlled by corporate schools which mainly focuses on imparting knowledge merely for the purpose of marks and the young minds are not empowered and nurtured with conceptual understanding. This is the case in tier I cities.
  • However, this scenario is worsened in the case of tier II and III cities as they deprive of efficient and innovative staff and teaching methods, infrastructural facilities, co-curricular activities and so on. Majority of them still follow conventional teaching methods and outdated teaching-learning practices. The need for the hour is to make the best use of technology in the sphere of education and nurture young minds through creative and innovative classrooms and focus on enriching skills and empowering the young generation with conceptual knowledge. Many top-level academicians and educational experts are advocating to bring in changes to the education system. There’s a need to bridge the gap in the system. A majority of schools or standalone schools with limited resources.
  • The budding and prospective entrepreneurs are required to be mentored and guided in the process of establishing and running a school successfully. However, there’s no such support in the existing market.
Education business partnerships

K-12 School Franchisees

PAN India

Vedvik Pre-School Franchisees

PAN India

Channel Partners Across South India

Channel Partners

Across South India


Investors Note

Raghav Foundation and its subsidiary organizations welcome assignments/partnerships from large scale corporates, Educational trusts, Philanthropists, Individual group of people, NRI’s to establish, manage and operate their proposed educational institutions by Raghav Foundation on total responsibility basis across PAN India on their behalf at their desired locations.
It extends services in scaling up the existing schools and provides the required support to impart high quality of edification.

Raghav Foundation welcomes like-minded and passionate Investors

Individual investors with passion into most promising and satisfying domain of education industry can join the Investors group of Raghav Foundation and be a part of upcoming chain of proposed educational institutions at various locations across South India. The proposed institutions are set to create stimulus in extending 21st century skill set and are future focused. The opportunity ensures secured investment with assured and rewarding returns.

Self-Employment and business opportunity

Education business partnerships! We encourages passionate young entrepreneurs to become successful entrepreneurs by opting to be partners. 
Education business partnerships! We encourages passionate young entrepreneurs to become successful entrepreneurs by opting to be partners.[/caption]Raghav Foundation encourages passion driven young entrepreneurs to become successful entrepreneurs by opting to be channel partners, franchisees of Spot School Web portal and Raghav’s Vedvik Pre-School. It extends extensive training and complete support in academic program implementation and operations management.


Differentiation mainly lies in the very idea of this service. It is a quite unique service to reach out and secure our client’s interest in hand-holding with a wide network of vendor and service providers and turning the client’s business into a successful venture.

Features of our service:

  1. Mentoring schools & school leaders:
    • World-class schools need world-class leaders from execution to development
    • The curriculum will have a strong base on current national and international research
    • Modifications will be taken up every year
    • School leaders will be trained in financial management too
  1. Creating Opportunities for enthusiastic enterprises to establish schools.
  2. Compliance with the requirements and the law
  3. Working capital management
  4. Project Management and Financial Management
  5. Providing customized solutions to the institutions
  6. Catering to all major cities and tier-II, III towns across Pan-India.

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