Lotus international academy provides international school franchise opportunities in India with comprehensive, innovative, creative and values embedded instructional processes in a stress-free and congenial atmosphere that prepares each learner with attributes of intellect, critical thinking, leadership and humanness to enable them to succeed in the global society.


Lotus International Academy’s mission is to create an educational standard in its true purpose, compatible for the 21st century needs along with the roots of tradition and culture that empowers the young boys and girls into creative minds with intellect, determination, and compassion helping them transform towards higher standards of understanding and leading a meaningful life.

Education Franchise in India
Education Franchise in India

Teaching Practices

The Institutions implement the best teaching practices those proved successful across the globe:

  • Innovation and new strategies are encouraged.

  • The Teaching fraternity are backed by solid support system and will constantly update their skills.

  • It bridges connections between schools across the continents.

  • It encourages value parental involvement in the process.

  • The classrooms make learning active and vibrant.

  • Learning environment encourage discussion, questioning, debates, experimenting, sharing of information etc.

  • The environment advocates positive outlook.

  • The system integrates technology into education.

  • It involves students in decision-making.

  • Involves community engagement.

  • Teaching involves research and development.

  • Involves strategies to form strong and resilient leadership teams.

The objective of Lotus International Academy

We believes in celebrating education. Mankind is its business. Lotus International Academy broadly aims to develop a system of education that broadens the minds of students and empower them with knowledge, innovation, research and wisdom, along with values of compassion, gratitude, and tolerance. Our school franchise opportunities in india creates an atmosphere to shape its students with integrity, character, self-discipline and human traits.

Education Franchise in India
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Lotus International Academy Education Philosophy

At Lotus International Academy, learning goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. Beyond academics, intellectual stimulation, leadership opportunities, inter-cultural learning, value system, confidence building, public speaking, communication skills, community service, thinking out of the box, etc remain an integral part of our school franchise education philosophy.

Life at Lotus International Academy

Lotus International Academy creates a vibrant and multi learning atmosphere. The campus of Raghav will be the most happening place filled with various events, activities, etc. It creates a platform to explore the hidden talents of the students and nurture them. It creates equal opportunities for participation and encourages curiosity to achieve high standards of learning & creativity. Our students will receive support, guidance and encouragement to be all-rounders. The school is concerned about the happiness of its students and extends a system and teaching-learning practices keeping in view of their happiness and well-being.

Our students enjoy integrated pastoral care along with social and intellectual enrichment. Our wards enjoy a vibrant atmosphere throughout and look forward to an exciting experience. It stands not just as a place of learning but develops friendships and bonding that stand for long. Life at Raghav drives its student’s towards wonderful outcomes that they obtain year after year and participate in various activities that groom them into a wholesome personality.

International School

The Focus

We  aims to put itself on the path of reform and show spectacular results. Lotus International Academy considers children to be the most precious resource. It Fosters the individual potential of every child by creating impressive and adaptable learning with a comprehensive curriculum and powerful learning tools.

Education Franchise in India

Core Learning

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Agility, Adaptability, and capacity for lifelong learning
  • Information technology application
  • Effective communication
  • Working in teams and collaborative learning
  • Self-direction and entrepreneurship
  • Empathy, clarity of thinking and expression, etc.

Core Values

Our education franchise in india sets the following core values to its students.

Education is all about the development of the whole personality. Apart from the academic excellence and pursuit of hobbies and sports, the school sets certain core values to its students as a part of its education system. Few of them are here.

  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Innovation
  • Loyalty
  • Ethics
  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Compassion
  • Dignity
  • Optimism
  • Community
  • Courage
Education Franchise in India
Education Franchise in India

Core Leadership

  • Unleashing Leadership Potential
  • Leadership through self-discovery
  • Leading with emotional intelligence
  • Leadership engagement and development
  • Building personality and managing stress using stories and theatre
  • Managing creativity and innovation

Beyond Academics

At Lotus International Academy these 21st Century skills are intended to help students with the lightning pace of today’s modern markets. Each skill is unique during this information age.

Learners Skills


Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication

Literacy Skills


Information, Media, Technology

Life Skills


Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, Social Skillz

Education Franchise in India
Education Franchise in India

Traits at Lotus International Academy

  • Communication and dialogue
  • Focus on skill-based education
  • Creativity, research and innovation
  • Smart people teaching
  • Re-define the purpose of education
  • Structure and design
  • Context
  • Culture and environment
  • Focus on building community
  • Engage stakeholders


Lotus International Academy encourages its faculty to be smart, creative and open-minded for change. Raghav creates constant and continuous career development programs for its teaching fraternity and encourages a shift in methodologies to suit as per the changing methods.

• Extracurricular activities
• Rewards creativity, research and innovation
• Re-defines the purpose of education

International School
International School

Why our School Franchise Opportunity

Lotus International Academy stands for academic excellence and education of the whole person beyond the curriculum within the framework of ethical, disciplined, caring teaching with the modern methods encrypted with the roots of values and culture. We integrate values into the curriculum. Lotus International Academy is an outward-looking, modern and ambitious school which values self-discipline, courtesy, decorum as hallmarks of a truly educated person.

The school has a happy, purposeful and healthy environment. It creates a learning environment to allow its students to grow academically, socially and personally into responsible, caring and confident people. When the boys and girls of Lotus International Academy walk through the gates of our campus, they begin a journey that is exciting, challenging and rewarding in a warm family atmosphere.

Hobby clubs

Arts, Music, Dance and Theatre arts are offered as additional activities.


The School creates facilities for outdoor sports like basketball, lawn tennis, shuttle and cricket.

International School
History of Excellence

History of Excellence

Raghav’s Academy is sponsored by M/s Raghav Foundation is a premium school education consultant promoting the realm of high-quality education PAN India.

The founders of the group have been into the field of education since 1995 and have been instrumental in establishing and operating schools of its own.

Raghav Foundation is also into mentoring and extending professional guidance to various other school managements and eduprenuers to help establish state-of-the-art schools and also offers a bouquet of customized solutions to school management across India.

Visionary Founders

Ravi Kumar Madabhushi, a visionary into the fields of education aiming to set up institutions imparting knowledge and discipline that helps students to grow up with strong core values as perfect and wholesome personalities and contribute to making better societies and a better world.

A journey of 2.7 decades and more in the field makes him more strong and more committed and stands as a guiding philosophy in moving forward.

Education Franchise in India
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The school offers admissions for grades Nursery to X. Registrations will commence from the fall of November every academic year. The date of commencement of admissions may be noted by an online or school admission officer. Admissions are based on criteria and norms.

School Policy

Stakeholders are expected to adhere to the policies of the Institutions.

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