We Foster A Nurturing Environment That Encourages Learning Through Exploration & Discovery To Support The Development Of The Child


The perfect stepping stone to preschool, early preschool features our indicator-based curriculum, Learn as We Grow, which was specially designed for 18 to 30-month-old children. We help them build the routines and self-help skills that all independent learners need.

In this program, children will discover:

  • Stimulating classroom environments

  • Exclusive indicator-based curriculum

  • Immersive learning experiences

  • Opportunities to gain independence

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Preparing every child for Kindergarten to engage and nurture your child, we provide a balance of freedom and instruction. Our early childhood education classroom is designed as a learning community, where your child not only builds skills vital to success in Kindergarten, but also gains respect for others, and a strong sense of confidence.

The Preschool Program Provides a Focus on:

  • Fostering independence

  • Cooperation & communication skills

  • Hands-on learning

  • Literacy and number concepts

Jr. KG - Ready for Kindergarten

To engage and nurture each child, we offer a balance of freedom and instruction. This HOLISTIC development-focused early education CURRICULUM is designed as an interactive learning community, where children build skills vital to success in kindergarten, gain respect for others, and develop a strong sense of confidence.

The Pre-K program provides a focus on:

  • Problem-solving

  • Responsive listening

  • Using language to learn

  • Social and collaborative skills

How We Support -Raghav Foundation
Jr. KG - Ready for Kindergarten

Sr. KG

The Path for 5-Year-Old Children become familiar with the format and structure of a kindergarten school day while developing critical skills to succeed in elementary school. Well Researched early childhood curricula are featured at this level, with kindergarten-level instruction in reading, writing, and math.

This classroom provides children with a strong focus on:

  • Following multi-step instructions

  • Finding multiple ways to solve problems

  • Organizing work

  • Controlling impulses and sustaining attention

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How We Support

Place Identification / Setup Process

  • Lending Brand Powered by Raghav’s Vedvik Preschools.
  • Identifying Suitable Place.
  • School Infra – design Plan.
  • School Layout Infrastructure, facilities planning.
  • Optimum Utilization of resource Planning.
  • Principal’s Training & regular Co-Ordinates Execution.
Curriculum and Training
  • Curriculum Design
  • Admission Process
  • School diary / Almanac
  • Year Plan
  • Monthly plan
  • Academic Execution Plan
  • Teacher Training
  • Child Assessment
Marketing and Activities
  • Event & Activities – Plan & Execution Guidance
  • Administrative Staff training
  • Administrative Strategy
  • Transformation to Auto-Pilot management
  • Academic Audit.
  • Back End Support
  • ERP Solutions
  • Progress Report Design
  • Brand Promotion
  • Parent feedback meeting once in a year
  • Marketing strategy, Planning & Guidance.

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