Staff Training and Assessments

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The staff training division of Raghav Support Solutions enjoys the credit of imparting exceptional training programs assessments, and academic audits among schools.

The staff training includes academic training, administration training and leadership training programs.

Raghav Support Solutions offers CPD (Continuous Professional Development) a year-long program called (Academic Enrichment Program) for complete academic mentoring and end-to-end support.

It also offers teacher development training programs on various modules as per the need and requirements of the school management.

Raghav Support Solutions also extends support in school academic assessments and academic audits.

The Resource personnel of the staff training and assessment wing of Raghav Support Solutions are distinguished members and expert trainers skilled with contemporary teaching techniques and academic assessments as per the academic standards and stipulations governed by the education governing boards. 

The talented pool of trainers and academic auditors at Raghav Support Solutions are certified trainers of the Centre of Excellence, COE, CBSE, ICSE, IB and various other reputed national and international organizations having wide exposure to various pedagogical approaches.

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