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Must Follow Rules for CBSE Affiliated Schools

CBSE affiliated schools in India must follow specific rules and regulations to maintain their affiliation status with the board. These rules cover a range of areas such as infrastructure, academic standards, faculty qualifications, student welfare, and more. Schools are also required to submit regular reports and undergo inspections to ensure compliance with these rules. 

Adhering to these rules not only ensures that your school remains compliant with the board’s regulations but also helps to maintain the quality of education being provided. In this blog, we will discuss some must-follow rules for CBSE affiliated schools in India.

1) Follow The CBSE Curriculum

As a CBSE affiliated school, you must follow the curriculum prescribed by the board. This includes the syllabus, textbooks, and assessment guidelines. Adhering to the curriculum ensures that the school provides a uniform education to all its students and prepares them
for further studies.

2) Appoint Qualified Teachers

All CBSE schools are required to ensure that teachers meet the minimum qualifications prescribed by the board and are given regular training and development opportunities. Hiring qualified teachers ensures that the students receive quality education and helps maintain the school’s reputation.

3) Monitor Attendance

Attendance must be monitored daily and reported to the board as per their guidelines. This is important to ensure that students attend classes regularly and don’t miss out on important lessons.

4) Examination

Schools are required to conduct examinations as per the guidelines issued by the board. Schools are required to conduct examinations twice a year, with the final examination being held at the end of the academic year.

5) Fee Structure

CBSE affiliated schools are required to follow the fee structure prescribed by the board. Schools are not permitted to charge any additional fees apart from what is prescribed by the board.

6) Ensure Safety and Security

Your school must have adequate safety measures in place to ensure the safety and security of your students. This includes fire safety measures, first aid facilities, and security personnel.

7) Maintain Proper Infrastructure

Your school must have the necessary infrastructure and facilities to support the academic and extracurricular needs of your students. This includes well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, and more. Maintaining proper infrastructure is essential to provide quality education and ensure the safety of students.

8) Keep All Records Up-to-Date

All academic records and administrative records must be maintained up-to-date and available for inspection by the board. Keeping records up-to-date helps track the progress of students, identify areas that need improvement, and ensures that the school complies with the board’s regulations.

9) Affiliation Renewal

CBSE affiliated schools are required to apply for renewal of affiliation every five years. Schools are required to submit various documents, such as audit reports, infrastructure details, and academic performance reports, to the board for renewal of affiliation.

10) Follow The Board's Guidelines

Lastly, your school must follow all guidelines issued by the CBSE board from time to time. This includes guidelines related to examinations, admissions, fees, and more. Following the board’s guidelines ensures that the school remains compliant with the board and provides quality education to its students.


Schools affiliated to CBSE are required to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the board. These rules ensure that the quality of education being provided is maintained and that the school remains compliant with the board’s regulations. 

Schools that do not follow the rules may face penalties, including the cancellation of their affiliation. It is important to keep these rules in mind and ensure that the schools you work with follow them diligently.

The process to Get CBSE Affiliation can be complex and time-consuming, but it is well worth the effort for schools looking to provide quality education to their students.

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